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Supreme Court Hears Right To Bear Arms Case

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WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — On the eve of the United States Supreme Court’s consideration of two hotly contested pieces of legislation regarding marriage equality — the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 — Pew Research Center has revealed that approval ratings for the judicial body are at an all-time low.

The survey, which polled a reported 1,501 adults earlier this month over the phone about individual sentiments on the matter, found that only 52 percent of people view the court in a positive way, while 31 percent feel negatively about it.

A release on the study, posted to the Pew Research Center’s official website, additionally noted, “Those ratings have changed only modestly since last July, shortly after the court’s ruling to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act.”

People were most supportive and content with the Supreme Court in 1997, according to Pew.

Republicans were especially displeased with the Supreme Court after the ACA ruling, with approval ratings among conservatives dropping 18 points at the time.

Since then, the court has again curried favor with some of America’s Republican population — moving from 38 percent to 47 percent — but numbers are still short of the 56 percent who reportedly supported the court before last July’s decision on the controversial piece of health care legislation.

Support from liberals has also dropped, though in a far more steady fashion since last July, falling from 64 percent to 56 percent, the survey’s results indicated.

There is also discord among Americans regarding the political leanings of the court, though one prevalent trend emerged during the interviews conducted for Pew’s survey — a majority of liberals expressed that they view the court as conservative, while most conservatives noted that they feel the court maintains a liberal bias.

“Both overall public views of the court’s ideology as well as the partisan and ideological differences in those views are little changed since 2012,” the release noted..

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