Buy the Book – From SOVEREIGN to SERF by Roger S. Sayles

Buy the Book - From SOVEREIGN to SERF by Roger S. Sayles

Bombshell information on Non Resident Alien Status and how it can set you free! Seems focusing on US Code has been an error on many of our parts and Roger Sayles has tons of great info to back that up.



Roger Sayles not only inspires you to stand up for your rights and against government tyranny, he gives you the means to do so.



“From SOVEREIGN to SERF is truly a masterpiece.

— JOSEPH KASENCHAK, United Nations, RetireD


From Sovereign to Serf - Instant-e-Book-DownloadOrder a paperback copy of From SOVEREIGN to SERF

From Sovereign to Serf

by Roger S. Sayles

Synopsis:  From Sovereign to Serf, by Roger S. Sayles, demonstrates the history and the laws from which the American people have unwittingly, but voluntarily, placed themselves in a status of servitude to the federal government.

$21.95 USD  Paperback                           $14.95 USD  E-Book
Book Size: 6″ x 9″                                     Category:  History / United States Politics
Pages: 248                                                Binding: US Trade Paper


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